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Rich collections and expositions are excellent for both the professionals and nature explorers

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The National Botanic Garden of Latvia in Salaspils holds one of the richest living plant collections in Northeast Europe. On an area of 129 hectares, plants of more than 14000 taxa (species, forms, varieties) are grown, including more than 5000 taxa of woody plants.

These rich collections and expositions are excellent sources of information for scientists, professional, and hobby gardeners alike—a living schoolbook for students!

Welcome to our garden - for recreation and education, to become familiar with Latvia and the world’s diverse plants, to get new gardening ideas, as well as celebrate important events in your life.

Traditional gardening fairs organized in NBG occur once a month from April to October and are an important part of Latvian gardeners’ society life. There is a place to see the latest nursery novelties and to get some unusual specimens for your plant collection.