NBG Plant database

In the database one can find information about wild plant species and different cultivars that can be seen in botanic gardens of Latvia and Estonia. All information is provided in Latvian, Estonian and English languages. At present there is information about 3000 plant species and cultivars.

There is such information about each plant:

  • Plant name in Latvian, Estonian, English and scientific (Latin) plant name. Sometimes also synonyms (popular names) are given.
  • Plant’s systematic belonging.
  • Species occurrence in the nature  / cultivar provenience, morphology, ecology and use.
  • Short data about byotope, landscape zone, habitus, areal, status of protection, as well as about botanic gardens where is possible to see it.
  • Pictures of plant’s characteristic features.

The database is created in the framework of Estonian-Latvian co-operation project.