Dendroflora Department

Department head

M. sc. biol. Linda Strode, mob. phone 29436027,

Staff, contact phone

Leading gardening specialist, Dr. biol. Daina Roze, mob. phone 28365576,
Leading gardening specialist, M. sc. biol. Aiva Bojāre, mob. phone 29456694, 
Gardening specialist, M.biol. Iveta Zuja, mob. phone 29231402,

Research directions

  1. Forming and scientific keeping of the collections of woody plants and of Latvian wild flora.
  2. Participation in the international seed exchange between the world’s botanic gardens and relative institutions.
  3. Scientific research in plant systematics, ecology and physiology.
  4. Research in biology of Latvian wild flora ex situ and in situ for the goals of biological diversity conservation and development.
  5. Inventory and research of dendrological plantations and monumantal trees in Latvia.
  6. Forming and scientific keeping of National Botanic garden’s Herbarium (HBA).
  7. Generalization and publication of the results of scientific research.
  8. Community information about the department’s scientific work and its importance in the biological diversity conservation.
  9. Realisation of the research projects about the collections in charge, Latvian dendrological plantings and Latvian wild flora.

Сollections in charge, short description

1. Dendrological collections (about 3700 taxa)

1.1. Ornamental woody plants of Latvian breeding – including 85 onamental forms of conifers and 33 cultivars and forms of deciduous plants.

1.2. Species and cultivars of conifers – there are 15 genus of coniferous plants, 8 of them are brightly represented: Abies, Chamaecyparis, Juniperus, Larix, Picea, Pinus, Taxus, Thuja and Tsuga.

1.3. Ericaceae plants

1.4. Rosaceae collection  – the mist represented are species and cultivars of CrataegusMalus, Sorbus species and ornamental cultivars, as well as Rosa species collection.

1.5. Other genus rich represented in the collection are: AcerBerberisBetulaQuercusSalixPopulus.

1.6. Taxa rarely presented in Latvia and other Baltic states – MagnoliaLiriodendron tulipiferaPlatanus occidentalisCladrastis kentuckeaChionanthus virginicus a.o.      1. Collection of the local flora (including rare and protected plants) ex situ –in vivo – 80 taxa of Latvian rare and protected species are presented.

Research projects

In 2013 the project „Creation of expositions of rare and endangered plants of Latvian flora ex situ collection for the biological diversity conservation and environmental education” granted by Latvian Environment Protection Fund.

In 2014 the project „Replenishment of expositions of rare and endangered plants of Latvian flora ex situ collection for the biological diversity conservation and research”

Other information

In charge of the department is one of the biggest collections of woody plants in the Northeastern Europe. In the area of National Botanic Garden 568 species (about 43% of all Latvian flora) are growing in the wild.