Department of Plant Ecophysiology

Department Staff

Leading researcher Dr. biol. Dace Kļaviņa, mob. phone +371-28304310
Leading researcher Dr. biol. Dace Megre
Specialist Dr. biol. Inta Belogrudova, mob. phone +371-22045372
Specialist Ilze Dubova, mob. phone +371-28633609
Specialist Gunta Priede, mob. phone +371-26312449
Laboratory assistant Vendija Lazdiņa
Laboratory assistant Anita Dūda
Laboratory assistant Židriute Anspoka

Work directions

  1. Forming and keeping of collection of Latvian rare and protected plants in vitro; research of some species in vitro, as well as in situ and ex vitro.
  2. Forming and keeping of collection of breeding material of hothouse flower cultures (gerbera, chrysanthemum).
  3. Keeping of collection of some commercially important taxa as a motherplants base (fpr propagation in commercial laboratories according to agreement).

Collections under the charge of the department

Collection of rare and protected plants of Latvia in vitro contains 78 species belonging to 30 genera, the rest part of collection in vitro contains more as 400 taxa, including gerbera – 111 cultivars and clones, chrysanthemum – 160 cultivars and clones. Collections are periodically evaluated in terms of expedience of keeping, some taxa are exchanged by others.

Projects carried out

Project granted by ERDF 1DP/ “Formation of the new scientific group for the research of quality of urbanized environment” (Project of the Istitute of Biology of the University of Latvia, Project manager Gunta Čekstere, participant Dr. biol. Inta Belogrudova).

Project granted by Latvian Fund of Environment Protection „Conservation ex situ of endangered plant species and in situ research of some species” (Project manager Dr. biol. Dace Kļaviņa).

Other information

Contract with Kalsnava nursery of the join-stock company “Latvijas valsts meži” (Latvian State Forests) – “Juvenilization of propagation material of hybrid poplars, sweet cherries and other cultivars in vitro” (executor Ilze Dubova).